Iván Sparrow

Artist in Music.

- As a composer I've developed a special creative approach based on the perception of sound as matter, where its inherent physical characteristics and their transformations establish a close relation of equivalencies with the psyche. The goal is to generate a two-way flux between the inner world (psychological, emotional and intellectual reality) and the outer one (physical reality).

- As a composition professor my goal is to encourage creativity on a personal level. The objective is not just to teach a craft, but to help students develop their inner creative voice and the practical tools to materialise it. One of the main principles of this practice is to help them establish a deep perceptual bond with the phenomena of sound.

- As a music theory professor, my aim is to develop awareness of how and why the practice of music has established itself through its different stages and the way it has evolved. The causes for such practices can range from cultural and social dispositions to acoustics, sound perception, and the influence from the other arts. More than teaching rules in class, it is important to understand why certain practices came into being.